How Did the Cambodian Genocide Start?


The Khmer Rouge started their genocidal campaign as soon as they took control of Cambodia in April of 1975. The campaign targeted intellectuals of all kinds including doctors, lawyers, religious and military leaders. It is estimated that the Khmer Rouge killed over 1.7 million people during this campaign.
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The Cambodian genocide started between the years 1975 and 1979. Cambodia is the name of a very small and poor country in Southeast Asia. The genocide was caused by leader Khmer Rouge. The genocide was politically motivated.
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The Cambodian and Kampuchea genocide happened after a struggle for power in Vietnam. Ever since independence of Vietnam in 1953 a Communist group organized to take over. Once that
Under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, thousands of Cambodians were executed and others died from disease, starvation and forced hard labor. The killing fields refer to various mass
Khmer Rouge believed citizens must work as laborers in collective farms & that
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