Development of the English Language?


The English language started with the arrival of three Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons and the Jutes) who invaded Britain during the 5th century AD. The similar languages spoken by the invading Germanic tribes were developed into what is now called Old English.
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William Shakespeare.
Language begins developing at a very young age. When we are babies we cannot differentiate between the different sounds that people are making, but instead pick up on emotions and
1. Look at the student's scores on the results report. Column 1 shows an overall score, column 2 shows the listening score, column 3 shows the student's score in speaking, column
The earliest period begins with the migration of certain Germanic tribes from
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The answer to a development that did not profoundly change the English language during the modern English period is complex. Changes in language reflect changes ...
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Language developed as human vocal cords became capable of a range of sounds. Human language allowed people to communicate concerning objects which were not immediately ...
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