How Did the Flash Get His Powers?


The Flash got his powers during a freak electro-chemical accident. Flash has super speed powers that make him the fastest man on earth and his speeds are said to reach the speed of light at times. His metabolism rate is also fast, which contributes to him being hungry most of the time.
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He was a scientist, he was righting down his projects on a paper then he was
Superman was born on Krypton which has a red sun. It was not until he arrived on Earth whose yellow sun gave him his powers.
The original (Golden Age) Flash, Jay Garrick, got his speed by accidentally inhaling fumes from’heavy water’. The Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen) got his speed by being
Magneto has shown evidence of only latent telepathic powers. His entry in the official. Wiki also states that his psionic powers are "minimal. Evidence: During Secret
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