How Did the Foo Fighters Get Their Name?


Foo Fighters was a nickname that Allied forces gave to basketball sized unidentified glowing spheres they used to see floating in the air over the battlefields during WWII. Both sides thought the globes came from the other side and were some sort of spy device.
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Foo fighters got their name after a strange aerial phenomenon was witness in the US by the air force pilots in Germany near the end of world war 2. Dave Grohl is fascinated by aliens and hence named the band Foo Fighters. The band was formed in 1994.
The title 'Foo Fighters', taken from the World War II term 'foo fighter', used to refer to UFO.
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The term foo fighter was used during World War II. It was used to describe any type of UFO sighting or "balls of fire" sighted by aircraft pilots during the war. To find
Because they're talented musicians. Jealous?
By far my favorite is Wasting Light. A long time fan back to the very first album, the Foos have been one of my favorite bands for the last decade. The last few albums have left me
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