How Did the Frisbee Get Its Name?


The name Frisbee came from the Frisbee Pie Company. The Frisbee Pie Company opened its doors in Bridgeport in 1871. The pies were very popular and often sold at the colleges in New England. Students discovered that they could throw the tins to each other after eating the pies, hence the name Frisbee.
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Fred Morrison invented the Frisbee after passersby showed interest in the flying discs he and his girlfriend tossed around at the beach in California. After serving in World War II,
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It is most likely named such simply because it is a racetrack (ring) in Hungary. Similar convention can be seen with the ever-popular Nürburgring, which is at Nürburg, Germany
Cape Cod was originally named this by Bartholomew Gosnold, an exploring captain. In 1602, Bartholomew caught a ton of cod near this cape and thusly named it. He even set up a fur
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