How Did the Frisbee Get Its Name?


The name Frisbee came from the Frisbee Pie Company. The Frisbee Pie Company opened its doors in Bridgeport in 1871. The pies were very popular and often sold at the colleges in New England. Students discovered that they could throw the tins to each other after eating the pies, hence the name Frisbee.
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You may wonder "How did the Frisbee get its name?" A basketball goes in a basket, a (European) football is kicked by one's foot, and a hula-hoop is a hoop that generates
Fred Morrison invented the Frisbee after passersby showed interest in the flying discs he and his girlfriend tossed around at the beach in California. After serving in World War II,
It's actually just called Ultimate. Frisbee is just a brand name for the "discs" used in the sport of ultimate. So i guess they just decided to call it ultimate because
Interesting problem to solve. The Result: Blue: Unaltered Frisbee without holes Orange: Frisbee with holes, mass same Yellow: Frisbee with holes, mass reduced My take - the holes
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A Frisbee is a plastic disc that is designed to fly in the air when thrown. The name Frisbee is a registered trademark of a product invented and manufactured by ...
The origin of Ultimate Frisbee is linked with Joel Silver who was a graduate of Lafayette College. He proposed a school Frisbee group on a whim in the fall of ...
Frisbee Golf Trauma or Hobo Retribution. ...
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