How did the Grand Canyon form?


No ones knows for sure how the Grand Canyon was formed, though many theories are out there as how they canyon came to be what it is today. Check the link provided to read in-depth about many of the theories.
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The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River. It has been a forming the canyon for the last 5.4 million years. At one time there was actually two canyons. The river finally broke
The formation of the Grand Canyon was accomplished by the constant erosion of the rock by the Colorado River over some 17 million years.Links are provided to specifics as regards
Creation scientists will tell you it took thousands of years, but many
The rock layers in the Grand Canyon range from 250 million to about 2 billion years old. The oldest rock layers are igneous -- formed by volcanism -- and metamorphic, meaning they
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The Grand Canyon is a famous large canyon located in Arizona. The first people to settle in the area of the Grand Canyon were the Pueblo or Anasazi, a culture ...
Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona and has been protected since 1893. The Canyon is a gorge formed by the mighty Colorado River, exposing over two ...
The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River, found in Arizona and is considered one of the wonders of the world. It touches the three states of Arizona, ...
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