How Did the Himalayan Mountains Form?


The Himalayan began to form about 40-50 million years ago. This happened because tectonic plate movement collided the land masses of India and Eurasia. You can find more information here: http://pubs. usgs. gov/gip/dynamic/himalaya. html
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The Himalayas formed through million of years of earthquakes and the movement of the earth. When there is a shift of the earth it pushes the areas around and up to form into mountains
there formed by Pangaea a word created by Alfred Wegner.
The Himalayas is a mountain range on the Asian continent. They were formed by
I can give you as detailed answer as you would like, but I am thinking you probably want some sub-400level geology class, sooo. The Himalayan mountains were formed/are being formed
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The Himalayan Mountains are the youngest mountain range in the world and started forming about 70 million years ago. They were formed by two plated colliding into ...
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