How Did the Hindenburg Disaster Happen?


The Hindenburg disaster is a description of a fire that destroyed the largest airship ever built in Germany, the Hindenburg, on the 5th of May; 1937. The airship had a capacity of 2,656 people, and would make trips across the Atlantic from Germany to New York and Rio de Janeiro.
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The german airship crashed when securing (landing) in New York and burst into flames. All on board were killed. This made the end of the airship era.
It happened at 7:25 p.m. May 6, 1937, as the Hindenburg was attempting to
The Hindenburg disaster occurred when the giant blimp caught on fire and burnt completely within one minute. 35 people died including one who was on the ground.
May 6, 1937, at 7:25 PM local time. See:…. Source(s)
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