How did the Indian ocean get its name?


The Indian Ocean gets its name from the country of that same name. Ocean going vessels sailed through those waters to India. There, they purchased fabrics and spice that were important trade items.
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Indian Ocean Theories. The Indian Ocean is right under India, a sub-continent and this is how it got its name. this is cool. I have found no official reason for that. It seems that
Seagrass is a common plant in the Indian Ocean. Eelgrass, for instance, is commonly found in shallow ocean bays, coves and tidal creeks. It is an important habitat, nursery ground
Typhoon - in the Pacific. Cyclone - in the Indian Ocean. Hurricane - in the Atlantic. Generically they are tropical depressions.
22 to 28 degrees celcius. In the open ocean, the water temperature is much colder, around 1° to 2° Celsius at a depth of several hundred meters.
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It is believed that the Indian Ocean got its name from the country of India to its north, although some seem to think that oceanographers who were looking for the Indian Route, named the Ocean. The Indian Ocean ranks number 3 in terms of ocean sizes and it is located between Africa, The Southern Ocean, Asia and Australia. The Indian Ocean is 8.5 million sq. km, and its coastline is over 66,000 sq. km. You can find more information here:
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