How Did the Industrial Revolution Effect Society?


The industrial revolution saw some changes in society. There was a huge increase in the numbers of people employed as people came to live and work in towns and cities in occupations such as petty trading, retailing, transport and manufacturing. Towns and cities grew spurred by the high rates of population growth that accompanied industrialization.
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describe how the Industrial Revolution impacted American Society economically, socially, politically, and morally. Be sure to cite specific examples.
It started way back when with the innovators of individual groups and communities. It Started with the production of simple hunting tools and continues through this computer age.
It changed the economy from agricultural (farming) to industrial (factories etc. The growing number of factories and stuff gave people more jobs, and made the government lean more
Before the invention of the cotton gin, cotton was an extremely labor intensive crop to harvest, taking one person an entire day to separate one pound of cotton fibers from the seeds
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