How Did the Kennedys Get Their Money?


The Kennedys got their money from the ambition and hard work of patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy. Joe Kennedy was a successful Boston banker and stockbroker who also made money through bootlegging liquor. Kennedy also added to his wealth by investing in RKO movie studio.
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The Kennedy family history goes as far back as the Civil War and the CA gold rush. Great grandfather Kennedy made money in the gold rush and invested it in business with the Irish
Succeeding the Franklin half dollar, the Kennedy half dollar is a coin of the
Joseph Kennedy made money from banking & insider trading. He was allegedly involved in bootlegging.
They were rum runners and they got in tight with the mob. Source(s) Texas!
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The Kennedy family got their money through the stock exchange. They were engaged in insider dealing, stock manipulation, and majorly the hollywood film industry. ...
The Kennedys made their money through the father, Joseph Kennedy working angles during the prohibition. They made a lot of money off of rum during this time period ...
Joe Kennedy on Wall Street and in Hollywood, was an aggressive, though never ...
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