How Did the Native Americans Hunt?


The Native Americans hunted using domesticated dogs and horses that made it easier to get close to animals like buffaloes. They also formed groups as big game hunters, by working together to drive large animals into a man-made pit, or over a cliff, sometimes setting controlled fires or building fences to cut off their escape.
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Native Americans used to hunt with bows and arrows which they made themselves. Arrow making was seen as a highly respected job, often ending in celebration. They used their bows and arrows to hunt for buffaloes and fish.
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Native Americans used to hunt in groups. They would work together to take down large animals, such as bison. If they were hunting and could take a small animal on their own, they
with tomahawks, spears made of obsidian or rock, whale tooth knifes, bow & arrows tipped with poison,
1. Begin by dropping large pieces of obsidian on a hard surface. The pieces of rock will separate into workable pieces that you can use to create knife blades and arrow heads. 2.
In traditional Native American cultures, names are given out based on different criteria. Sometimes the name is based on the parents' family or clan. In some cases, the baby is not
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