How Did the Orangemen Get Their Name?


The name Orangemen originated from the members of the Loyal Orange Institution, familiarly called the Orange Order, a Protestant Irish society founded and flourishing mainly in Ulster. It was established in 1795 to maintain the Protestant ascendancy in Ireland in the face of the rising agitation for Catholic Emancipation. Its name is taken from the family name of King William III of England, who defeated King James II in the battle of the Boyne in 1690. July 12, the anniversary of this victory is the principal holiday of the order, on which the members wear orange-colored flowers and orange sashes and march in parades; parades passing through Catholic sections of Northern Irish cities have been a source of interfaith abrasion.
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A member of a society founded in Ireland in 1795 to uphold Protestantism and the British sovereign.
"ours is a Protestant government and I am an Orangeman. Orangeman was a group of people
association of orangemen: a Protestant political organization in Northern Ireland
Do u mean who are the syracuse orangemen? well.... Syracuse University-… The athletics-
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