How Did the Phonograph Change Society?


The phonograph changed society in terms of music appreciation. People need no longer be in a concert hall to listen to music. Orchestral music became more accessible to the masses.
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The invention of the phonograph was very important to society. The invention itself was very useful during the time of Edison and has impacted many similar inventions that have proved
Computers have changes society in a variety of ways, such as providing an alternative method of communication as well as providing new programs to help businesses. Computers have
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The phonograph changed life in a myriad of ways. It brought music into the home and not just in concert settings. It also gave birth to the recording industry, ...
The phonograph changed the world by allowing people to share music. It also changed the world by making it easier to reproduce sound. The phonograph was a step ...
Well not enough history has happened yet to truly determine the depth and breadth of their impact on society but I have noticed that they drew a line in history's ...
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