How Did the Pioneers Preserve Food?


The Pioneers preserved their food through several means. Their method of preservation would include drying their meat and vegetables. They also smoked as well as wrapped and salted their food. Another method of preserving food for the Pioneers was through pickling.
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Cellaring, salting and fermenting. they also did ice harvesting. I'm pretty sure one way was with salt.
There were a number of ways to preserve food. Meat could be salted, smoked, or dried out. Fruits and vegetables could be kept relatively fresh by placing them in a root cellar or
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Pioneer food was usually very simple fare. Most food was cooked over an open fire and needed to be simple due to transportation. Cornbread, eggs, and beans were ...
The pioneers ate whatever food was available in their environment. This meant that hunting contributed to their diet. They also ate wild berries and other fruits ...
The pioneers hunted for deers, buffaloes and caught fish which they all used as food as there were no shops. In addition, people were not able to go to the nearest ...
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