How Did the Printing Press Change the World?


The printing press changed the world by making it possible for books and other reading material to be obtained by nearly everyone. Before the printing press, only privileged people could have access to books, such as church and government leaders. The average person then had access to read and write what they please.
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In Europe, books had to be written by hand. Given the amount of work and knowledge this required, books were usually only owned by the rich, or by large organizations such as the
They ennabled the much more rapid spread of information and also made it accessible to many more people. Previously, when all books had to be hand written they were much more expensive
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Very little, since the immediate effect of the Ordinances was the revolution. Another name for the revolution that overthrew Charles X was the July Days, as it happened within the
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Before the invention of the printing press, all books had to be copied by hand, making them scarce and expensive. The invention of printing allowed ideas and literacy to be available to a much larger segment of the population.
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