How did the prophet Isaiah die?


King Mannasseh, who ruled over Judah during the time of Isaiah's prophesy ministry, had Isaiah placed in a hollow tree trunk and sawed into two pieces. Isaiah was an Old Testament Bible prophet that called the people of Judah — the capital of Jerusalem — to repent and live righteously before the God of the Bible.

Isaiah also prophesied about the coming Messiah who would save the Jewish people from eternal damnation due to their transgressions against the God of the Bible. Born 700 years before Jesus Christ, Isaiah is best known for his vast vocabulary and artful writing style, and is thus called the "Shakespeare of the Bible." His name means "salvation of the Lord."

Deriving from royal lineage, Isaiah did not succumb to desiring worldly possessions, but instead devoted his life to the teachings and behavior restrictions of the God of the Bible. During the course of his life, he wrote prolifically on the topics of repentance, salvation, forgiveness of sins and blessings derived from obedience to the God of the Bible.

The book of Isaiah in the Old Testament is comprised of 66 books, which many Bible scholars believe signifies the division of the entire Bible into 66 books.

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The manner of his death is not mentioned in the Bible, however according to Jewish tradition he was cut in half with a wood saw at the order of King Mannaseh.
Isaiah died the death of a monotheist martyr, hacked to death during
Traditionally it is believed he was martyred by being sawed in half during the early reign of Manessah, thought it is not documented in the bible of officialy in history. Biblically
He grew old and died of natural causes. Everyone dies. Added: Whether my statement that he grew old and died of natural causes is accurate or not is certainly open to question. Tradition
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