How Did the Prophet Jeremiah Die?


Jeremiah was a prophet in the Hebrew Bible. He was born c. 655 BC and died 586 BC. In the Bible it is not mentioned how exactly he died. Likely he died shorting after his writings were completed in Egypt.
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It is possible that jeremiah the prophet died after 586.B.C.
After being rescued from death in a pit, God told Jeremiah he would die naturally.
Jeremiah was born in a priestly family, in the town of Anatoth belonging to the Tribe of Benjamin. His father was the prophet and Kohen-Gadol, Hilkiah. Ask us!
Hello, as one of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES we are studying this book at the moment. Jeremiah was a prophet and priest that lived in the 5th Century before Christ. He preached in Jerusalem
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