How did the Ptolemaic model of the universe explain retrograde motion?


Retrograde motion is the motion of a body in an opposite direction to that of other bodies as observed from a given vantage point. Ptolemaic model of the universe is an astronomical system in which the Earth is at the center of the universe and all celestial bodies orbit around it. This model explained the motion in a way that as other celestial bodies moved along small circular paths that in turn orbited larger ones around the Earth, it gave the impression that some planets were moving anticlockwise from others due to bodies revolving at different levels.
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They thought that the circle was the ideal shape, so they envisioned planets following circles on circles (much like a moon's orbit) Source(s)
It held that sometimes the planets moved backward along their circular orbits. B) It placed the Sun at the center so that the planets' apparent retrograde motion was seen as the Earth
Ptolemaic model: Retrograde motion is "real" the planet actually turns and goes backwards in its orbit for a bit. Copernican model: Retrograde motion is apparent, as the
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The Ptolemaic system, also known as the geocentric model, explained the apparent retrograde motion of the planets with the understanding that the Earth was the ...
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