How Did the Salvation Army Start?


Salvation Army was started by William Booth in 1865. It was initially called 'The Christian Mission', which target to preach and help the poor in London. Booth's fiery sermons and sharp imagery drove the message home and more and more people found themselves willing to leave their past behind and start a new life as a soldier in The Salvation Army.
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Salvation Army was started by William Booth in 1865 when he found himself in the East End of London, preaching to crowds of people in the streets. On gaining popularity, he set up a tent at an old Quaker burial ground on Mile End waste in Whitechapel. From there, the church began to grow to what it is today. The Salvation Army is an evangelical Christian church known for its generous work. It is a worldwide movement that currently works in over a hundred countries.
The Salvation Army began when a preacher in a Methodist church realised that he needed to do something about the terrible poverty people were living in. The preacher, William Booth, realized converted Christians were being turned away from churches because they were not clean and respectableand hence he began the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is known for taking care of the poor and needy in society and for helping people find jobs.
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The Salvation Army was created by William and Catherine Booth in London, England, in 1865. Mr. Booth was a Methodist minister, and originally called the group the East London Christian
William Booth:
The Salvation Army began in 1865 when William Booth, a London minister, gave up the
The Salvation Army is part of the religious umbrella that receives faith-based governmental funding. Given the Salvation Army's mission of serving others through biblical principles
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William Booth, a British Methodist preacher, founded The Salvation Army when he realized that he had to do something about the terrible poverty that many people ...
The Salvation Army was started in 1865 by William Booth. It was initially called the Christian Mission, but changed its name to the Salvation Army. Salvationists ...
The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth in 1878. He defected from the Methodist church and started preaching on the streets. As he was preaching on the ...
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