How Did the Shaanxi Earthquake Happen?


Shaanxi quake was an intraplate earthquake caused by compressional stresses where different segments of the earth knocked one another. There were no actual faults in exact areas of occurrences; however the closest was the East Qinling piedmont-type fault near the Ordos fault block of the Weihe Basin.
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It happened in 23rd of January 1556.
The Shaanxi earthquake is the deadliest earthquake ever. More than 830.000 people died as a result of the quake. Some more than 500 miles from the epicenter. It took place on the
You meant to ask what kind of fault caused the Shaanxi earthquake. Earthquakes are not faults, they are caused by movement along faults. I believe normal faulting is the main fault
Collision or wave-like movement of two tectonic plates. This is the cause of all earthquakes.
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