How Did the Slaves Resist Slavery?


The major way that slaves resisted slavery was by escaping. Once they escaped they often worked in trying to overthrow slavery by becoming abolitionists. Another method of resisting slavery was by secretly educating each other.
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There were many instances of slavery all across the world. Most slaves resist slavery by escaping. The best example of this is the Underground Railroad that was used as an escape for slaves in American during the 1800s. 
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Working slow downs, sabotaging equipment, runnning away.
(Continued from Page 1) Day-to-Day Resistance. The most common form of resistance available to slaves was what is known as “day-to-day” resistance, or small acts of rebellion
Refusing to obey their masters' demands created a duel crisis on the part of
The Turner Rebellion of 1831 After his capture and arrest on October 30, 1831, Nat Turner was imprisoned in the Southampton County Jail, where he was interviewed by Thomas R. Gray
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Slaves resisted slavery by employing both passive and active methods. For example, open rebellions were most common, while in plantations where slaves would steal ...
Slaves resisted slavery by what is called 'day by day'. Slaves would break tools and some would set fire to buildings to slow down the work. Some slaves would ...
The first slaves didn?t find it easy to resist their owners since such acts almost always entail public punishment and humiliation. They often expressed their ...
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