How Did the Spanish Treat the Native Americans?


Those who survived the harsh outdoor conditions on the time were forced to convert to Catholicism or similar religions. How the Spanish treated the Native Americans was by making them work in the mines digging for gold and silver. Thankfully this mistreatment didn't last for decades.
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They treated them badly and they forced them to become Roman Catholic. They were forced to work in mines, ranches, and farms. They had to pay taxes (encomiendas) Bartolome Las Casas
The Native Americans were treated very badly by white settlers and the government in the 1800s. Their land was taken from them, and they were forced to live in reservations. For more
When the conquistadors - translated as "conquerors" in Spanish - arrived in North America, they believed the natives to be primitive savages who were meant to be dominated
The Spanish were the worst group of colonials in terms of how they treated the natives. The French got along with them fairly well. The English, and later Americans, had their ups
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