How Did the Sphinx Lose Its Nose?


One common legend is that the soldiers of Napoleon blew the nose off the Sphinx with a cannon. This is the most reliable account. However, there is nothing for certain that say that this is really what happened.
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Many might think that Napoleon's men where the ones that shot the nose off of the Sphinx. Actually it was the Turks. They would use it for target practice.
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Who nose? Just kidding, really though no one knows for sure. The most likely reason though is erosion from wind and sand. The Sphinx is located in a desert which at times can be like
The weathering and erosin made the Sphinx nose fall off. And pepole in Egypt say they found part of the beard between his paws. Over time many theories have been brought forward to
A frontal view of the Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt Whatever else it might
The Great Sphinx was defaced by explosives set off by a local extremist Muslim sheik in the 14th century. He felt that the Sphinx represented an idol and therefore was an affront
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It is believed that the Sphinx's nose fell off as Napoleon's archaeologists investigated the statue. Others say that the Mameluke army used the statue as a target ...
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