How Did the Sun Get Its Name?


The sun is amazing, all the heat generated by the sun and it is not consumed. The sun really does not have a name other than sun. However, sun originated from the Latin word ' Sol' which means sun. The sun is approximated 860,000 miles in diameter. You can find more information here:
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Nearly all the mass of the entire solar system is concentrated in the sun. The driving force that creates those high pressures and temperatures is gravity. The sun is so massive -
It's around 5.500 degrees Celsius or 9932 Fahrenheit.
At noon on the summer solstice, just like for any other city north of the Tropic of Cancer. Embed Quote
Midday is when the sun is at its zenith. In some places this may differ from
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It is not clear why the sun is called sun. It is also not clear where the name 'sun' came from. The Romans called the sun 'sol', while the Greek name for this ...
The sun was named after an Old Anglo Saxon word 'sunne'. It is also said to be named after gods in the Greek and Roman mythology that epitomizes the sun in terms ...
There are no known words that can be used to refer to the sun other than the word sun itself. There are other words however, that can be used to refer to the sunny ...
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