How Did the Supreme Court Reinforced the Marbury Decision since Its Occurrrence in 1803?


The way that the supreme court reinforced the Marbury decision since its occurrence in 1803 was reviewing judicial powers. By examining the way the court interprets the law, it can be improved upon. The court will continually do this to ensure that all cases are fairly judged.
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There are many cases which used Marbury v. Madison (5 U.S., 1 Cranch, 137 [1803]) as precedent and thereby you could say these cases ‘reinforced’ this founding case which
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Since the argument of Marbury V. Madison before it in 1803, ...
The right of a Judicial Review was approved by the Supreme Court in 1803 with the Marbury vs. Madison decision. They can review the ethics of a political appointee ...
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