How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany?


The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty signed to end war between Germany and the Allied powers. The treaty, which was signed in 1919, had major effects on Germany since the country was to take sole responsibility for the entire war. Some of the effects included the reduction of its armed forces to 100,000 troops, losing most of the European territory such as Alsace-Lorraine as well as restrictions on the manufacture of machine guns.
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Germans were angry at the Weimar government for signing the treaty and in return lost poularity. Germany had to pay reprations to France and Britain. France invaded Germany to take
The Treaty of Versailles radically altered the Geography of Europe.
All German overseas colonies became League of Nation Mandates, and the city of Danzig, with its large ethnically German population, became a Free City. report this answer. Updated
The so-called "treaty" treated Germany very unfairly and directly paved the way for WW II. And Wikipedia is always a good start.
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