How Did the Treaty of Versailles Punish Germany?


The treaty of Versailles punished Germany by asking them to pay reparations totaling 6,600 million pounds, making the country go bankrupt. Secondly, Germany had to reduce its army to 100,000 men with no tanks, a navy of only 6 ships and no air force. To top it off, Germany had to give up its land and was not allowed to unite with Austria.
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They got punished because they lost the war so henry cabot loge didnt let the Germans in the peace settlement only the ones that won tbe war.
The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany 4 ways: Territorially,
Well it did not differ from Wilson's original plan. And there are a lot of clauses in the Versailles but this is just the main ones. Jan 1919 - Jan 1920: The Paris Peace Conference
It did this in a lot of ways. Generally speaking, it took away territory and goods from Germany and it made them pay what were called reparations for the war. It reduced the size
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The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty signed to end war between Germany and the Allied powers. The treaty, which was signed in 1919, had major effects on ...
The Treaty of Versailles most famously said that Germany had to accept sole responsibility for causing World War I, to disarm, cede territory and pay reparations ...
The Treaty of Versailles affected postwar Germany by a reduction of lands. It altered the geography of Europe. What was Germany and Austria became Germany, Poland ...
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