How Did the Triangular Trade Work?


The triangular trade involved Great Britain exporting copper, manufactured cloth, guns/ammunition and silk to Africa. From Africa, they took enslaved women, men and children to North America. North America then exported sugar, ram, rice, tobacco, coffee and cotton to Great Britain and the chain starts all over again.
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Triangular trade refers to the various navigation routes that emerged during the colonial period. There were numerous triangular paths that ships traveled, ferrying people, goods
The Triangular Trade was a slave trading route from New England to the West
A "triangular trade" is a historical term referring to the 18th-century trade between South America, New England, and the west coast of Africa. The commodities involved
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WOrld trade is ongoing business. The Triangular Trade started when England entered the slave trade. It is referred to the 3 Regions that are involved. ...
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