How Did the Vikings Make There Weapons?


The viking weapons were made by viking craftsmen who forged spears, swords and battle-axes from wrought iron and mild steel. The craftsmen would usually add their own specially decorated hiltsand swords were often given names like Gold-hilt and Leg-biter. Weapons were symbols of their owners' status and wealth.
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Same way everyone else did, find some metal, heat it up, hammer it into place.
The most common weapons were the spears and long knives for a Viking
The Vikings had various different weapons that were much like other cultures. They had shields, swords, axes and spears that were used in various ways. The primary weapons were probably
Swords, shields, axes, mases, clubs, knives, catapults, and various other weapons. The vikings were not the only ones to use axes in war, but their axe is distinct from others in
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Vikings did not use catapults. Their major weapons used by the vikings were the sword, spears, axes, bows and arrows. Most of these were made from wrought iron. ...
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