How Did the War in Iraq Start?


The war in Iraq began in March 2003, when American forces invaded Iraq to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and to end the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein. However, the war lost public support when weapons of mass destruction intelligence proved illusory and a violent insurgency arose. After six years, some 4,600 U.S and allied troops had died along with thousands of Iraqis, while the cost of supporting the war continued to grow.
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because the US wanted some oil and this made some people mad.
The Iraq war 'officially' started on March 19, 2003.
The war with Iraq started on March 20, 2003 so it has been going on for over 6 years and 2 months.
In multiple ways . and this answer is the abbreviated version, for sure: The doctrine of. Counterinsurgency. as developed in Iraq under the leadership of General David Petraeus was
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The governments of the United States and the United Kingdom asserted that the possibility of Iraq employing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threatened their security and that of their coalition/regional allies.
People theorize that there are many other reasons why the United States declared war with Iraq, such as oil and Bush's desire to overthrow the Iraqi regime.
The Iraq war began when the American government and Media tried to persuade the American people that it was Iraq that was behind the September 11th 2001 attacks. This led to a US led invasion in Iraq that that took place in 2003.
On March 20, 2003, US and UK troops invaded Iraq.
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