How Did They Stop the Black Death?


The Black Death which killed 1.5 million from 1348 and 1350 was said to have ended when those who survived it believed that there was something special about them and that God had protected them. This made them to take the opportunity offered by the disease to improve on their lifestyle. The Black disease was a major disaster in medieval England and had huge impact on society.
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The black death was a very dangerous plague that infected Europe.There are three things believed to have stopped the Black Death,they are Infected rats died,infected people survived
Europeans acquired immunity to the responsible strain of Anthrax.
1 There were two kinds of "black death." The bubonic plague is caused by a bacteria, yersinia pestis, which is harbored by fleas (which were themselves carried to Europe
1 Start at the beginning. Look into the classics of the genre first: Morbid Angel's "Blessed are the Sick," Deicide's "Legion," Obituary's "Cause of Death
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The Black Death Stopped in the late 17th century. It is thought that the disease originated from the Far East, and spread along main trade routes to Caffa, where ...
The Black Death killed an estimated number of 1.5 million between 1348 and 1350. Medical knowledge did not existed to cope with the disease but it was believed ...
There was no prevention to Black Death in the Middle Ages. The disease was spread by rats and fleas and died out only when it had run its course and killed those ...
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