How Did Thomas Wolsey Die?


Thomas Wolsey died on his way for a trial after King Henry VIII accused him of treason. The reason for his tribulations was that, Wolsey had become very unpopular with the nobility. Therefore, the King had to sacrifice him to save his own prestige, which had suffered from his heartless treatment of the Queen.
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Thomas Wolsey was born in March 1473 and died on November 29, 1530. He was an English political figure and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Wolsey's main legacy is his old home of Hampton Court Palace which as of November 2011 was still standing.
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Thomas Wolsey was an English statesman and a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. The highest political position he attained was Lord Chancellor, the King's chief adviser, enjoying
In 1530 he was accused of rape and ordered to London by the Earl of Northumberland. In great distress, he set out for the capital with his personal chaplain Edmund Bonner. Wolsey
Wolsey was a cardinal and statesman, Henry VIII's lord chancellor. He was dominant in English
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