How Did Victoria Secret Get Its Name?


Victoria's Secret was established in 1977 by Roy Raymond. Roy Raymond wanted a place where he wouldn't feel embarrased while purchasing intimates for his wife. So he created a store where all men could feel more comfortable while discretely purchasing items for the women in their lives. You can find more information here:
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Victoria's secret got its name because the man who owns the store is named Victor. And the Secret is that the owner of the store is a man. ^This is the stupidest answer I've ever's_secre...
1. One way you can try to model for Victoria's Secret is by finding Victoria's Secret Casting call or auditions. At times, Victoria's Secret will have an open casting call where models
Not to be a wise-guy, but if everyone knew, it wouldn't be much of
The company name is often a mystery. Although, the Victoria of
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