How did William Shakespeare die?

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William Shakespeare died at the age of 52 on April 23, 1616.
William Shakespeare is the grand literary figure of the Western world. During England's Elizabethan period he wrote dozens of plays which continue to dominate world theater 400 years later. Shakespeare handled high drama, romance and slapstick comedy... More>> · More images »
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Shakespeare's death. From the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "On 23 April 1616 Shakespeare died. John Ward, a clergyman living in Stratford in the 1660s, recorded that
William Clark, of Lewis and Clark, died of unspecified causes. What we do know is that he didn't die on an expedition. He probably died of old age or any number of ailments that were
The cause of Shakespeare's death is a mystery, but an entry in the diary of John
The cause of death of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) at the age of 52 is unknown. You must remember that there are very few surviving records from the time period, and historians
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Not even the exact date of Shakespeare’s death is known. It is known, however, that he died in late April, close to his 52nd birthday on April 23, 1616. Historians also believe that Shakespeare was sick for nearly one month before he actually died. This was evident in the shaky handwriting that appeared in his will. During that time period, it was not uncommon for people to write wills on their deathbeds.

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