How Did You Handle a Time You Prioritized a Personal Matter over Work?


How you handled a time you had to prioritize a personal matter over work could involve a variety of scenarios. Maybe your child was sick, you had a doctors appointment, or you had to move. You may have taken time off from work using personal time, vacation time, or a personal day.
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Depends, I have taken time off work for a personal matter and simply let my boss know that I needed a day to get some stuff sorted out, then I made sure to not bring my personal stuff
When my children were sick, I would never leave them with a sitter. So, I would call my workplace - speak directly to the manager, and explain my situation. Then I volunteered to
QUESTION : TIME MANAGEMENT These things happen quite happen. In time management, you do not / cannot manage time. Because it is fixed and same for everybody-- 24 hours
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