How Do a Clean a Drain in a Double Sink with a Disposal Attached to One Side?


To clear a drain in a double sink that has a garbage disposal attached to one side you will need to use a plunger to plunge one side while you use something to plug the other side of the sink, like a stopper or a towel. To clean a drain in the same sink, just use regular drain cleaner and clean it like any other sink.
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Probably the drain hose from the dishwasher isn't high enough to keep the water from running back . The hose should be above the level of the disposal at some point. Some states require
The drainhose from your dishwasher needs to have a loop in it to get a portion of the hose higher than the discharge point. Or you can install an air gap. Source(s):
Properly constructed sewer systems have vent stacks for plumbing fixtures. Although I am not sure of your definition of gurgling sound, it might be air needing to enter the system
The sink doesn't have an adequate vent.
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