How Do Air Bubbles Affect Volume?


Air bubbles would affect volume by showing an increase in the volume of a liquid. The trapped air in the bubbles would raise the volume level. It will have little affect on the mass. Air bubbles trapped in a solid will affect the strength of that material. Air bubbles in a liquid will rise to the top of the liquid. The more bubbles that rise to the top, the more volume will be created from that liquid.
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the amount of bubbles affect it because it starts to smell : That's a ridiculous answer to probably a serious question. The higher the volume of acid, the faster the rate of reaction
Air bubble will affect the density measurement, If part of what should be liquid is actually air, the density will be less than the true value. Source(s) rtc.
The density of air decreases as the
But I assume you're talking about the density of the solid-bubble system as opposed to the solid on it's own. It would decrease the density if the solid's density was greater than
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