How Do Air Coolers Work?


Air coolers work on the principle of heat loss during the evaporation process, resulting in cooler air. The coolers have a water tank that must be filled periodically.
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1. Unplug the air cooler from the wall socket. 2. Open the air cooler and remove the air filter and the water basin. 3. Fill a sink full of warm water and 1 tsp. dish soap. Place
Air Ioniser produces negatively charged ions using high voltage and fills them into the air. The allergens, bacteria etc are positively charged, so these generated negative ions combine
1. Check the average humidity in your area. Evaporative coolers work best with very low relative humidity and hot temperatures. If the average humidity in your area is 40-50% an evaporative
Moving air feels cooler because it carries hot air away from you skin and allows your sweat
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How Do Air Coolers Work?
Air coolers, otherwise known as evaporative or swamp coolers, are devices that use the evaporation of water to cool an environment. When the air blows past water, some particles on the surface of the water are carried away. Those particles take some heat... More »
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