How do Airbag Sensors Work?


There are several different type of airbag sensors. The most common sensor is the electromechanical. This is a gas dampened ball and tube design. When the sensor receives a jolt that knocks the ball loose from the magnet, the ball will run down the tube and hit the switch and close the circuit. You can find more information here:
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depends on which airbag, side airbags are in the B post. Depending on the vehicle they can be almost anywhere on the car.
The F-150's airbag sensors are located under the driver and passenger seats and inside the safety belts. The location helps the airbag unit determine when someone is occupying the
The IAT is integrated with the MAF sensor on the 09 Fusion. The MAF is located near the air box on all three engines. on the driver's side, and will be held to some part of the intake
The Ranger Wiring Manual shows the primary and safing sensors
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There are plenty of crash sensors exists. The most common sensor in the modern cars are the micro machined accelerometer chips , which detects the sudden jolt and produces electronic signal.
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There are at least two airbag sensors in every car. The one for the driver's airbag is behind the steering wheel, while the other one for the passenger is located ...
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