How Do Alligators Mate?


Either in shallow or deep waters, the female allows the male alligator to push her underwater. This is to ensure the alignment of both bodies when mating. The mating consists of body rotation and swinging tails within the water.
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The mating process for alligators can only take place after they have found a match. Then, the male alligator mates with the female and she then lays about 20 to 25 eggs in a nest.
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When alligators find potential mates, they will end their courtship by rubbing each others snouts and backs and then mating. Also the female will then go to her nest which is usually
Alligator's are usually known to b solitary animals but hey happen to look out for mating during the springs when the water become warm.They look out for their mates by engaging themselves
Spring is the beginning of mating season for
They alligators end their courtship by rubbing each others' snouts and backs, and then mating.
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