How Do Animals Communicate with Each Other?


B3 T2 L4 How Do Animals Communicate? (Audio book) is a video on YouTube. The video was uploaded on March 25, 2011 by asjarrett. It has been viewed by more than 1,900 viewers. Different animals communicate in different manners. Bees use pheromones to communicate. Dogs communicate by verbal cues and by stance. Communication between animals can happen in a variety of ways. These ways can include sounds, signals and the chemical use of pheromones. This video used clever scenes from The Wizard of Oz to hold the viewers interest.
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Most animals (including people) use 'body language' as well as sound and smell in order to communicate with one another. Many animals communicate by smell: they release pheromones (airborne chemicals) to send messages to others.
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Zebras are horse-like animals that live on the African Savannah. Zebras communicate by either barking loud at each other or braying at each other. Zebras are also ...
Dogs communicate with each other through barks, whines, body, and tail language. Their body language is very complex and hard for humans to interpret at times. ...
Bees are fascinating creatures! Bees communicate with each other through dance. A pollinating bee will return to the hive and perform a dance which will show ...
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