How Do Animals Move?


It all depends on the animal. Some animals walk around on four legs and some on two. Some have fins that help them move. Some waddle and some hop.
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because they need their body to move to find food and shelter and protect to predators.
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Animals move much like humans do. They move their legs forward and their body comes along with their legs. Animals are often much faster movers than we are, and can get farther, faster.
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The three-toed sloth has the dubious distinction of being the slowest-moving land animal. It takes a sloth one month to cover a distance of one-half mile. Three-toed ...
From what I have learned, energy produced by mitochondria is directly responsible for matter moving and changing in an animals body. When the mitochondria produces ...
A behavior in which animals move toward or away from a light source is called phototaxis. If the animals move toward the light source, the behavior is called positive ...
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