How Do Ants Breathe?


It's amazing to think of a creature as small as an ant breathing, but yes, ants do breathe too. Ants don't have lungs, but they breathe through trachea and tracheoles. You can find more information here:
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Through their legs.
Ants rely on a system of tubes, called tracheae and tracheoles, which carry atmospheric oxygen to
Yes ants breathe. They rely on a system of tubes, called tracheae that carry atmospheric oxygen.Ask us
Ants have an open respiratory system. They breath using a tracheal system which comprises of tubes, which delivers oxygen directly to the cells. Air is taken in through slits in the
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The body of an ant is clearly divided into three sections: the head, the thorax, and the gaster. (The narrow waist is actually within the abdomen, so the part of the abdomen behind the waist is called the gaster.) The waist can be... More »
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Ants breathe without lungs. They use a system of tubes that are called tracheae and tracheoles which carry the oxygen to the tissues that require it. You can find more information here:
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Raid ant spray can be dangerous to people if inhaled for long period of time. It contains pyrethrums known to cause difficulty in breathing, coughing, tremors, ...
Yes, ants drown in water. Once their body including their head get submerged completely to water, they won't be able to breath. Thus, they drown and will eventually ...
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