How Do Ants Mate?


Most ant species mate once a year. The breeding males of a colony will seek a suitable breeding area. They then secrete a pheromone to attract the females into a mating flight. When the flight is over, the females will find a new colony site and lay their eggs. You can find more information here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ants
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The proper question is "How do Ant colonies mate." An ant is a superorganism. Perhaps a higher form of evolution than we, because the colony as a whole is alive. Embed Quote
yes evry one does!
Usually triggered by environmental events (large rainfall), males and unfertilized queen ants,
Most of the ants you see are workers. They never get to have sex or reproduce. The queen is the only one who has sex and keeps laying eggs until she dies of old age. There are only
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Ants reproduce by the Queen copulating with males ants. The queen mates with many males at one time and stores the sperm inside her until she is ready to lay more ...
Flying ants come from termites and ants during the mating season. When they get into the house, they attack wood, roofing materials, paper and other products with ...
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