How Do Banks Use Computers?


Banks use computers for very many things, such as reading of cheques, the calculation of money, and also keeping of account details. Late notices and loan coupons, savings and checking statements, as well as other notices to customers, are all generated by computers, for the correct amounts, on the correct dates, and in an acceptable form to the regulators. They also use computers for the purpose of networking enabling people to withdraw cash from any branch.
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Calculating interest, updating account and loan balances, printing reports, checking for past due loans, maintaining tax records, etc.
Create Internet access for the accounts at each bank you want to transfer money from or to. Some banks require that you fill in paperwork to gain Internet access to your account,
Most big banks hire diverse sets of people. If you are a CS guy but want an IB job, just show a lot of interest. Read the WSJ and FT every day, follow M&A deals and IPOs,
Personally, I've never worked in a bank but I do know a few ways how they would help. First, storing customers account information on a server or other computer is one way. It's easier
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