How Do Bats Care for Their Young?


Bats care for their young by feeding them milk until they are old enough to find food for themselves. They also keep them protected in a roost. Bats are very protective of their babies.
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A vampire bat cares for its young by grooming it and helping it fly.
1. Be aware of the state laws in your area and know that most bats are protected by a variety of rules and organizations and can not be kept without a license from the USDA and can
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Bats are completely dependent on their mothers when born. They cannot fly and must roost while their mothers forage for food. Mother bats feed their offspring milk for 2 to 4 weeks, after which the offspring are weaned and learn to fly.
Bats care for their young a lot like humans do. During 2 to 6 weeks, female bats make sure the babies are warm, clean and are fed milk daily.
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