How Do Bats Reproduce?


Reproduction begins with copulation between a male and female bat. The female will store the sperm of the male inside her reproductive tract and release it to the egg when she feels that conditions are right. This give the baby bat the greatest chance of living after it is born.
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They reproduce alive. this Means they give borth to live younge.
Before hibernation, the male bat will deposit his sperm into the female's body. The female
They reproduce sexually. Female bats would have contact with a male bat before hibernation and the sperm will be stored in her uterus. After hibernation, the female bat will become
Me no thinky this question mean what you thinky... Bats reproduce uhh... More
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Most bats have a breeding season, when conditions are favorable. Female bats can control pregnancy by storing sperm in order to delay fertilization or by delaying implantation in the uterus.
Bats mate before hibernating for the winter. The male bat impregnates the female who carries the sperm through hibernation. Once the hibernating period is over, the sperm fertilizes the egg.
Bats reproduce sexualy, the male bat deposits sperm into the female bat and she stores it in her uterous until after she hibernates and then when the female bat hibernates the sperm gets used. Gestation time for a bat is two months and they have a live baby not an egg.
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