How do bats see in the dark?


Bats are not blind, but they need to rely on another sense to get them where they need to go. Bats use sonar to emit and receive pulses of sound. This is one of the reasons they screech at such high frequencies.
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Bats are blind, they cannot see. But they were made to catch food by making screetch noises at what ever they are hunting. Moths, small bugs, you name it. The echos from their screetch
Sound Waves. Like dogs, bats can hear high-pitched sounds that humans and many other animals cannot perceive. Since the bats don't have the luxury of dog whistles, they have to make
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How Bats Work
How Bats Work
Bats really stand out in the animal world. They are the only mammals that can fly, and they live much of their lives hanging upside down. Most species are only... More »
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