How Do Bed Bugs Spread?


Bed bugs live in any articles of furniture, clothing, or bedding, where they also lay their eggs. They spread through contact wioth someone who wears or uses furniture, clothing, or bedding infested with bed bugs. They also
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Bed bugs reproduce and lay eggs. They are most active at night. They like to live where people sleep. When disturbed they seek shelter in dark cracks and crevices. You can find more information here:
Bed bugs spread by movement. They multiply continuously, making baby bed bugs which then spread to other areas also. They crawl into mattresses, clothing, rugs, luggage, pillows, and anything else that is a dark warm place to hide. If you are traveling and get them in your suitcase, you will then bring them home to your bed.
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If bed bugs have just recently been brought into your home, they may be in only one room. They won't stay in there for long though, they will eventually spread ...
Bed bugs are actually parasitic insects, and as such have thier own natural reproductive cycle. Thier particular reproduction is called traumatic insemination, ...
By the time you see a bed bug or bed bug bites, there is probably already an infestation. Because the bites can lead to serious infections, the infestation should ...
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